Are LAMY pens worth the price?

I’ve had the luck of testing out a few LAMY pens now, the Safari, LX, Al-Star and Logo to name a few… but is the brand worth the price? First some very quick history – LAMY first achieved success in 1966 – yes they really are that old! What started in Germany is now a worldwide brand loved by millions but why? What makes these pens stand out.. and is the sometimes expensive price tag justified

If every LAMY fan has there own personal favourite, then I am a Safari girl, currently the special edition petrol fountain pen to be precise. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a good old rollerball or ballpoint, but for me, if i’m putting pen to paper then nothing beats a fountain pen, and without being biased nothing beats my LAMY. Why? it’s honestly just such a smooth writing experience I can’t fault it, not to mention the very handy transparent section to see when your ink is getting low and the fact the I’m currently obsessed with the petrol ink! So is it worth the price which for a Safari is currently around the £20 mark for the petrol, and are LAMY pens in general worth the price?..  in my opinion yes. I think it’s awesome that in a world full of tablets and computers companies like LAMY are still bringing out fun, functional and high quality pens that manage to get people excited. I’ve had cheaper pens in the past and if i’m honest they havent lasted as long or been as pleasant to use, in fact the only thing at this point that could add to my love of the Safari would be getting my hands on the Dark Lilac edition.. a girl can dream.

Maybe you’re not a LAMY fan and that’s fine, any pen that gets peoplpe writing is a good thing, but if, like me you are a LAMY fan and you agree that they are worth the hype then why not leave a comment below, tell me what you think!

Sidenote: I am not paid or endorsed by LAMY for this post, these are my views only.. also worth nothing LAMY pens come in a wide variety of colours and styles should you not be obsessed with the petrol Safari!

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